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Facebook Ads

Today, Facebook is the world’s most popular marketing platform. Facebook has grown to more than 2.7 billion active users and expanded its advertising network to cater to businesses of every size.
Although Facebook advertising does offer many benefits, it also comes with a lot of complexities. If you want to see how Facebook can help you reach new audiences, you need to understand what it offers businesses and how its paid ad network works.

Facebook Ads

Make your marketing more precise by micro-targeting

For most platforms, social media advertising involves advertisers targeting specific audiences based on user data, and Facebook is no exception. Facebook advertising is highly data-rich, which is one of the most important benefits of the platform. Businesses can micro-target their audiences based on their interests.
A Facebook ad allows you to narrow down the demographic for the target audience.

Ad types that suit your business needs

Facebook advertising also has the advantage of offering a wide variety of ad types, some not available in other paid channels.
When you advertise on Facebook, you’re not restricted to certain ad types, and you’re not restricted to plain text ads (like you are with search engine PPC). As it turns out, these ad types are ideal for any business looking to boost their brand as it provides marketers with the option to create creative graphic style ads using various multimedia elements like text, photo, video, and more.

Ads on Facebook can yield results very quickly

Business ads on Facebook are ideal for brands seeking short-term and long-term strategies – since they start providing revenue/conversions as soon as they go live. However, they are best for fast results.

After ad campaigns have been set up in the Ads Manager, have been approved by Facebook, and have gone live, they start working immediately and may be seen by thousands of people at once. Facebook advertising benefits come from giving businesses a way to get sales within a few days since ads are approved within 24 hours.

World’s largest audience at your fingertips

Businesses have access to one of the largest digital ad networks through the Facebook ads platform, with more than 2.7 billion active users. In addition, the social media giant has built out its ad network to give easy access to both platforms since its acquisition of Instagram in 2012.
Advertisers have the option of having their ads displayed on both sites, with little additional effort.

Estimates of ad performance and forecasting

Advertise on Facebook’s ad network, and you’ll also benefit from forecasting. They can estimate (with an entire ad budget) how many people and results can be gained each day with ads that have enough data.

Brands who want to know more about how their ad campaigns perform can use the “Estimated Daily Results” feature. You will see daily estimates of reach and results during creating or editing an ad set.

App installs, landing page views, event responses, offer claims, page likes, video views, link clicks, conversions, lead generation, page engagement, and post engagement, both of the estimated daily results will be available.


Why Run Facebook Ads?

We run laser-targeted campaigns for your business to connect with Facebook & Instagram users in your target demographic. From researching your customer personas and creating content around your brand, to testing proven ad strategies that work, we can help your business find success on social media. We go above and beyond in providing you the resources needed to make the most fo your Facebook ad spend.

We’ll send you a detailed proposal with a marketing strategy, scope, and plan to make your Facebook Ads efforts blow the competition out of the water. Get in touch today for a free proposal.

Facebook Ads

What We’ll Do For Your Business

Our services are simple, we get to know you and your business, and we treat you like true partners because if you’re successful, we’re successful.

Deep Audience Research

Facebook’s powerful targeting features makes it easy to reach that perfect audience.

Custom Designed Creatives

Our graphic designers will create custom creatives that match your brand and capture attention.

Optimized For Success

The posting frequency and service is aligned to your goals & budget. You just let us know.

Ad Account Management

We’ll keep an eye on your ad account to make sure each dollar is well spent.

Reporting & Analytics

We’ll send you a report along with actionable suggestions to improve.

Account Manager

You’ll be assigned an awesome BrandLyft marketing account manager!

Our staff is professionally trained &
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Here’s Three Reasons Why You Should
Advertise On Facebook


Your Perfect & Ideal Audience

Powerful targeting options will ensure you’re able to connect with and reach your exact customer and buyer persona. We’ll help you craft that perfect ideal consumer and put that in Facebook’s targeting tools.


The Cost Effective & Efficient Choice

Dollar for dollar, Facebook Ads have consistently delivered more per impression than any other form of advertisement. It’s not really a secret anymore, Facebook Ads can be an advertising gamechanger for you business.


Creativity Is Unlimited For Your Brand

Share your brand’s unique story through ad formats such as images, lead forms, videos, carousel, and canvas ads. We’ll help you create beautiful graphics and video to help boost your advertisement’s campaign performance.