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Why organic reach on social media sucks for small businesses

organic reach

It’s 2023, and if you’re still paying agencies and freelancers to create content and post for your business, then you need a wake up call. Organic reach on posts by business pages across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms are at an all time low. The reasoning is obvious, it’s a pay to play world! Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram prioritize content from friends and family over content from businesses. This means that even if a business has a large number of followers, its posts may not be seen by all of them because the algorithm is more likely to show posts from people that the user has a closer relationship with.

In other words, organic is DEAD.

So our advice, before we go more in depth on other reasons is this: Ditch paying for social media management and double down on paid advertising. Or at least dedicate a certain budget to your “best” performing social media posts.

There are millions of businesses on Facebook, all competing for attention from users. This means that it is harder for businesses to stand out and be seen.

Here’s some of the other reasons why your posts may only be reaching as little as 8% of your audience on your social channels…

Competition for attention: As more businesses and individuals use social media, the competition for attention on these platforms increases. This can make it harder for your content to be seen by your followers. Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes content from friends and family over content from businesses. This means that business posts are less likely to be shown in users’ feeds. So it’s not just your business vs others, but your business vs friends and family!

Changes in algorithms: Social media platforms frequently update their algorithms, which can affect the visibility of content in users’ feeds. These updates are often designed to show users more content that is relevant and engaging to them, which means that content from businesses may not always be prioritized.  If users are not interacting with a business’s posts (by liking, commenting, or sharing), Facebook’s algorithm will assume that the content is not relevant and will show it to fewer people.

Paid promotion: In some cases, businesses may choose to pay for their content to be promoted on social media. This can decrease the organic reach of their content, as it is being shown to fewer people who are not following the business.

Quality of content: The quality of the content you post on social media can also impact your organic reach. If your content is not engaging or relevant to your audience, it may be less likely to be seen by them. It’s extremely important to understand that organic reach on social media can be challenging, and it may be necessary to use paid advertising or other tactics to reach a larger audience.

Overall, it’s important for businesses to consider these factors and to find ways to create high-quality, engaging content that resonates with their audience in order to increase their organic reach on social media. If you’re still relying on old outdated social media marketing strategies, it may be time for you to add advertising to your marketing budget mix. Reach out to us for a free discovery call and audit.


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