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What Is Marketing Automation, Why Is It Important For Small Businesses?

What Is Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation, Why Is It Important For Small Businesses?

Marketing Automation can benefit you by helping to create different systems, one of which can
take over your marketing efforts by simply going through another automated system.
This automated system sends emails that have been triggered using workflows that are also

This marketing automation can post to social media and target customers based on their
browsing behaviors and their preferences when purchasing. Using marketing automation
software combined with this kind of strategy helps in gathering more leads, help in guiding new
prospects to final sales, and to build newer relationships.

Generally, automating your marketing only requires you to perform a basic setup with minimal
maintenance. This means that you are going to have more free time; now that is valuable time
you will be able to spend doing strategic and complicating tasks.

Since marketing automation was designed with optimizing in mind, it has the ability to help you
to achieve better outcomes than you would do it manually.

What Is Market Automation?

You will be offered a set of tools that are versatile with market automation to have at your
fingertips whenever you need them. This will not only save you valuable time but will also save
on the money you have been putting into your marketing efforts. Through email marketing with
display ads to PPC and social media, marketing automation helps your business to be capable of
improving your business’s productivity simply by making managing the business’s busiest times
and saving the business some valuable time, as well as its sales activities.

For Instance, Some Things That Automation Gives You the Ability to Do:

(1) Processing Customer Data

Collecting customer data and making sure that records are kept updated using real-time is at
times tedious tasks to perform, not to mention that it takes up a lot of your time. However,
many of the automation tools are capable of handling tasks such as these, as they can do them
automatically using the customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

For instance, many of the automation software can gather and process the names of
customers, their business details, shipping information, email addresses, among other
significant data. Automation tools also can gather the input of a contact or lead form and
somehow place it in a built-in CRM and even onto an existing database you have.

(2) Qualified Leads

You never know for sure if a prospecting customer is going to convert when they first appear.
There are countless hours of time and energy being wasted when qualifying leads and/or
assessing the interest levels they are at are being performed manually. Many of the marketing
automation tools today use algorithms that enhance their ability to qualify leads automatically.

For instance, most automation tools today can gather explicit data that has been provided
directly, like email addresses. The same tools even tract data, which is indirectly provided, like
the products customers viewed while browsing your website. The software for the automation
tools lets you set up rules for identifying qualified leads and lets you have more time for
focusing on other customers.

(3) Nurturing Prospects

In a lot of cases, prospects may not purchase from your business at first. They could have the
desire to interact with your website first and look around, check out your social media page(s),
digital ads, and emails. Furthermore, they may do this several times before converting. The
good thing about marketing automation is that it gives your business the ability to connect with
prospects as often as you think is necessary to draw them back to make a purchase.

For instance, the marketing automation software you are using will let you prepare ads to
target specific customers and send emails. You can effectively nurture prospects if you share
the right content, at the right time, with the right prospects.

(4) Analyzing Performance of Campaigns

To make certain that your marketing campaign is successful, it is crucial that you routinely
review the results. Drawing those final conclusions and gathering endless data can seem to be
an infinite task if it is being performed manually. Thus, the reason for most marketing
automation tools having a dashboard, which enables reviewing performance with just a glance.

For instance, calculating how many new customers your site has or how much revenue your
campaign brought in can be done instantly with the automation software. There are also
recommendations of certain actions that can be taken by the automation tools and different
settings to use for even better results.

Marketing automation provides small businesses different attractive benefits in which to grow,
like the following:

1. Connects Marketing Channels – Your customers may interact with your brand over various
platforms. For example, your followers on your social media are probably also subscribed to
your site’s email list and browse your website on a regular basis. Data from all channels can be

linked through the marketing platforms. This means prospects can be tracked a little more
accurately, and this will help you avoid unnecessarily putting in the efforts on different
channels to the same customers.

2. Creates Sales Opportunities – It is so easy that you will be able to come up with more
opportunities for making sales if you are using one of the marketing automation platforms. The
opportunities that you already have might be increased as well. By combining email sequences,
ad retargeting, and marketing funnels, you can go through platforms that let you automatically
upsell your advanced services and/or cross-sell products that are like others. This means that
you will be able to raise the customers’ lifetime value (CLV) and increase your revenue without
investing more of your time or your money.

3. Ensures Consistencies – You may use a different approach for each new customer if you are
performing your marketing manually. However, when you use automation, each prospect can
be applied to the same steps as all the other prospects. Each customer will have a consistent
experience, so you will be able to collect data and figure out what is going to work best for your
business, and then for even better results, just adjust your own system.

4. Increase Productivity – With less tedious tasks to perform and more free time, you will
finally be able to focus more on those high-end responsibilities. The team is going to have more
time to make long-term plans and to focus on the growth of the business, the productivity can
be improved significantly.

5. Improves Outcomes – Doing your marketing manually can waste your team’s time, energy,
and you end up doing a lot of cold calling and reaching out to a lot of uninteresting people.
Those who have started using automation are showing signs of being more successful. The
reason for this is that the technology of automation lets you focus more on the customers you
need to be focusing on at the time that you need to be focusing on them, which is going to do
the work you do that seems more worthwhile and effective.

6. Save Time – This solution allows your team to stop spending time on repetitive things like
posting social media posts or sending out emails. You have the option to set up a campaign or a
single task at once, and then the marketing platform is able to determine the best time to do
them and who needs to be targeted.

7. Upgrades Customer Experiences – Automation not only upgrades your customer
experiences but also makes things easier for your team. The main point of this technology is to
target your relevant audience. Customers will feel that you are not spamming them with
unneeded information and more that you are personally reaching out to provide helpful
solutions to whatever problem they may have.