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WordPress is the most popular of the three most widely used website building platforms, followed by Joomla and Drupal. All are available for free download and use, come with a variety of add-ons for specific functionality and may be tailored to meet the needs of specific users.
Both Joomla and Drupal, on the other hand, need a certain amount of technical expertise and knowledge with HTML CSS and the PHP programming language. WordPress allows expert users to operate at that level. Still, unlike Joomla and Drupal, it also provides capabilities for beginners, allowing them to rapidly set up a site without knowing any coding or programming.

For Changing Needs, Be Flexible and Adaptable

Although WordPress was created to support blogging and other forms of online publication, it now runs various websites. Even the most basic WordPress package, along with premium and free plugins, is able to meet the needs of your company. Not to mention that it is also highly flexible to any changing demands that your business may have due to the easily accessible source code and themes. 

Thanks to its comprehensive and expanding directory of basic and premium themes, WordPress themes provide users with various options for fine-tuning the design and features of a new site. Many of them may be found right away in the WordPress theme catalog, and countless more can be purchased from design shops and third-party designers all around the world. When it comes to modifying the style and layout of a WordPress site, themes may be previewed live and added at any time.

WordPress Sites Rank High On Google and Other Online Services Searchability is critical to achieving high rankings on Google or other search engines. Because WordPress sites are continuously updated and contain a range of tools and extensions for improving content for SEO, they tend to score high for their keywords (search engine optimization).

Plugins let you get more out of your computer.

WordPress comes with everything you need to build an essential website, but many users desire more advanced features tailored to their requirements. Hundreds of plugins—small bits of code that perform specific tasks—are available in the WordPress plugin directory, allowing users to add features like shopping carts, galleries, feedback forms, and more to any compatible WordPress site. Dozens of custom extensions from third-party programmers may also be purchased and installed. Plugins may be enabled, disabled, and deleted as needed as a site grows and changes.

WordPress websites are mobile-friendly.

Mobile responsiveness is important to Google when ranking your site, so they have to be amazing and look great on every device. There are also plenty of responsive theme options that you can use as well as little tweaks that you can do to theme files and plugins that can be added to help with the responsiveness. 

The WordPress Community Provides Assistance

WordPress is supported by WordPress-loving groups worldwide because it is free and open source. This WordPress-loving community is in charge of making modifications to the source codes and maintaining WordPress up to date and safe. 

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