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Understanding Traffic Temperatures

Traffic Temperatures

What To Know About Traffic Temperatures?

According to Russell Brunson, ClickFunnel co-founder and online marketing genius, the ability to convert cold traffic into sales are the “holy grail of online marketing.” Therefore, being able to effectively reach and convert traffic with little to no interest is the secret to earning a multi-million dollar business.

Traffic is anyone that visits your website, the more people that visit your site, the more traffic you have. This leads to certain questions, such as “What is traffic temperatures?”.

To learn how different traffic temperatures impact your business, keep reading. The following information will explain how applying tactics successfully has helped major businesses generate billions in sales.

The Three Traffic Temperatures

Traffic falls into one of three groups, cold, warm, or hot. Each of these groups will require a different approach and individualized communication to effectively convert them into sales.

Traffic Temperatures

Hot Traffic

The problem, Product, Desire Awareness

These are the people that are aware of your brand, product, or service. They understand what you are selling and why it would benefit them. Hot traffic is often already a customer and/or on your mailing list, and read your marketing content.

This group is the biggest value to your business. You can likely speak casually with them as if being a close friend with rapport. This group of traffic is ready to buy and the easiest type to convert into a sale.

Basically, with hot traffic, you are set. Think about the raging Apple fans that are ready to buy the latest release of Apple products on the market.

Communicating with Hot Traffic

Because hot traffic is already very familiar with you, it is less work to make the sale. Simply emailing with a text link may work. You just need to alert them of new products and ask for the sale, or offer an incentive in the form of discounts for existing products, for example.

Warm Traffic

Problem and Desire

This group of traffic are aware of their problem and have a desire to find a solution. Warm traffic is a little harder to convert because they do not know your brand, product, or service.

Communicating with Warm Traffic

You need to educate warm traffic about your brand, product, or service,  why they can trust you, and how you can solve their problem. If you can successfully answer these three areas, you can convert them into hot traffic.

Leveraging the authority of others is one way to communicate with warm traffic, helping bring credibility to your brand or product. According to Russell, these “lift letters” allow others to promote for you.

For instance, companies such as fast-food restaurants may partner with Door Dash to provide order delivery. If McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. want people to check out Door Dash, they may send out a warm-up letter stating something similar to:

“Hello! We are now offering delivery through an exclusive partnership with Door Dash, the premier food delivery service. Using their services allows you to receive your order without leaving home.”

Then, if the warm traffic likes the sound of ordering out from their favorite places without leaving home, they will go from warm to hot traffic for Door Dash. This creates valuable joint ventures (JVs) to help warm up leads and increase the customer base.

This is an important factor in getting your warm traffic hyped enough to try out something different and new. Because it comes from a place they already trust, it is easier to convert. That is why authors consider it a big deal with Oprah to recommend a book or if Spotify suggests a new artist for listeners with similar interests.


Cold Traffic

Problem Awareness

This is the hardest group of traffic to convert because they do not know you; they are not familiar with your product. They only know they have a problem that could be solved but may not have the desire to find a solution. Therefore, they may not even know there are solutions available. Not only must you educate them about who you are, how you can help, and why they should trust you, but you must also create their desire to solve their problem and take action.

Because of all these factors, it is a much larger challenge to convert cold traffic visiting your website. In most cases, they probably came across your site through paid ads. That is why knowing how to convert cold traffic is a very valuable skill when it comes to online marketing.

Communicating with Cold Traffic

This stage is where you change the situation from being a “good idea” to a “necessary action.” This is your time to create a clear picture of each area to the customer, and it starts with the jargon used, how your product or service solves their problem, why it’s necessary to solve it now, and what they receive after purchasing.


If you desire increased sales and higher profits, understanding how to communicate with all traffic temperatures, especially cold traffic, is important. By educating and creating a necessary desire to solve a problem, you can trigger them to take action. Continue to build trust and credibility, and you’ll have a long-term client every time.

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