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The world of digital marketing is vast and complex, with so much to take into consideration. But how do you know what’s right for your business?

There are six crucial steps every company should follow in order reach its full potential–and these don’t come without their own set challenges! For example:  1) Identify Your Audience Strategy 2). skeletonize content 3), measure success 4)) optimize critical paths 5.) Expand Into Social media like Facebook & Instagram 6.(Don’t forget about email!).


How often should you be communicating with your carrier? Once per month is the answer. They need this information in order to bill their customers properly and ensure that they are receiving payment for services rendered as well as from whom those funds originated (i.e., vendor). If I don’t have my sales report then it’s literally throwing money away because there will never be any transparency about how much revenue was generated by which product or service offerings on our end!


Here is a checklist of the benchmarks a digital marketer should be doing: 

Do you do digital marketing consistently all year round?

Do you have multiple streams of online traffic?

Do you have a numbers oriented person managing it?

Do you treat your digital marketing like an investor would?

Does your website perform like a mini salesman using words?

Does your website have a low friction offer to capture emails?

Has your website been built to convert traffic into customers?

What’s your cost per website visitor?

What’s your cost per email enquiry?

What’s your cost per phone enquiry?

What’s your cost to acquire a customer?

What’s your average revenue per sale?

What’s your return on investment?

Is your return on investment over 100% ($2 back on $1)?


You can’t afford to take your marketing investment lightly.

The power of digital advertising is immense, and it should be handled with care from start-to finish like any other major project or investmnet in business success–which includes researching potential clients before deciding on their target market; selecting platforms that will provide you with highest return on investment (eMarketer reports 40% ROI); following up regularly by sending out targeted ads during ad breaks/blocks when appropriate so as not alienate anyone who might have skipped ahead because they weren’t interested enough yet but are now curious about what all this fuss has been going around lately


Digital marketers are in a unique position to drive revenue and apply critical insights across all areas of the business. Yet, many don’t have them or refuse give their full potentials because they either do not know what is expected from them; there could also be an issue with transparency on how campaigns were run which leads us into question: “How can we measure success? Digital strategy alone does not suffice – you need both marketing automation tools alongside it! We help small mom-and pop shops as well global brands like Fortune 1000 companies accelerate sales through our combined efforts.”


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