Stop Letting Missed Calls Drain Your Revenue. Discover What They're Really Costing You.

Missed calls are more than just missed opportunities - they're direct hits to your potential earnings. But how much are they actually costing you? Our ROI Calculator will shed light on the hidden impact of these missed connections on your bottom line.

How It Works:

Enter the Average Lifetime Value of a Customer ($): Think about how much a customer is worth to your business over time. For many, this could be $500 or more.

Missed Calls per Month: How often are you unable to answer the phone? If you’re missing around 60 calls, it’s time to quantify what that means for your business.

Average Close Rate (%): Of the calls you do answer, what percentage turn into paying customers? Let’s say it’s 25%.

Hit ‘CALCULATE ROI‘ and watch as we reveal the monthly revenue you’re leaving on the table.

What You’ll Gain:

  • An Eye-Opening Estimate: Understand the significant impact missed calls have on your revenue.
  • A Cost-Effective Solution: For just $297/month, see how our Missed Call Text Back service not only reduces your losses but also boosts your earnings.
  • An Invitation to Grow: Ready to transform those missed calls into profitable opportunities? Book a discovery call with us.
ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator


Monthly $$$ Left on Table:

We Charge $297/month:

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