Build a Podcast Around Your
Brand & Audience

We help brands, influencers, and large organizations start and launch their own podcast. With over 51% of the US Population listening to a podcast, this audio-only medium is a great way to “brand” your brand.

Why should I start a podcast?

In a world of information overload, we are bombarded with short-form content. Tweets, blog posts, news articles, and videos are meant to provide audience’s with quick bursts of information and play a vital role in creating continued touch points between businesses and their audiences. But where blog posts and social media are limited to a few hundred words, or 140 characters, a podcast allows you to go deeper into your content, especially if you bring on industry players and experts to chime in. It’s about giving value!

According to Salesforce, “Three percent of monthly podcast consumers listen to the beginning of a podcast only. By and large, podcast listeners are loyal and committed to hearing out the full episode.” This means that there is an enormous opportunity here to showcase your expertise in a way that other formats can’t accommodate. For businesses with complicated products of a long sales cycle, such in-depth content may allow consumers to make buying decisions more quickly.

How we help you start your podcast


Branding Your Podcast

You’ll need to brand and differintiate your podcast in a way that stands out and attracts listeners. We’ll help you position it better.


Podcast Equipment

Using the right tools is crucial. However this doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. We’ll help you choose the right tools based on your budget and project scope.


Promoting & Marketing

We’ll give you a strategy plan and calendar on distribution, ad strategy, and setting up the right marketing channels to attract listeners.

Follow along with our podcast

Podcasts are a fun and effective way to grow your brand, build your authority, sell your products, invite industry experts, have fun, and connect with customers.