How much money is being spent during the election on Facebook Ads?

Facebook’s ad platform is an essential tool for political campaigns. President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaigns have spent a combined $175,325,675 on Facebook ads through the month of October this year, according to Facebook data. That’s compared to about $750 million on television ads this year so far, according to Advertising Analytics.

Unlike traditional media, Facebook charges campaigns wildly varying prices for each ad on its platform, with some ads costing a few dollars per thousand views and others costing more than $100 per thousand views. Our analysis of ads run between July 1, 2020, and Oct. 13, 2020, found that the differences also varied by candidate: Joe Biden’s campaign was charged more on average than President Donald Trump’s was. The Biden campaign would have saved $8 million if Facebook had charged him the same rate as it charged Trump.

Overall, for every 1,000 times, an ad was shown, Biden paid an estimated $25.52 on average, and Trump paid $23.09, an 11 percent difference.

We are all familiar with the Fb Ads bidding system. Everyone is competing for awareness and views. However, the companies that are spending more are also those who are reaching and engaging with more people.

It is not easy to run ads during the election because any miswording or too much text can be interpreted as a swing in the election by Fb’s algorithm. The best bet for your ads is probably to wait until after the election if you want to really run anything solid. In the meantime you are going to be very careful about your copy and text on your ads, Fb might not take it.

We know how tricky it can be about running your ads during the election but unless you are experts like we are, you are going to need some tips.

Here are some different types of ads you can run during the election:

  1. Image Ads – Image ads may be simple, but they don’t need to be boring, mage sure you have an outstanding photo about your product or service so that it will stop and attract your audience online.
  2. Video Ads- Videos can show up as news feeds or stories. Videos can show your product or service in action. Also, videos convert more.
  3. Video Poll Ads- This mobile-only option is better than just showing your audience a regular video because it comes with a poll people can interact with and offer their input about product or services. This not only increases your brand awareness but is also an excellent way to get feedback from your customers.
  4. Carousel Ads- Carousel ads can use up to 10 images to showcase your product or service. You can highlight multiple products or services all in one post.

These are some of the different ads you can run. Hopefully, you now understand a little more about the implications of the election and how you can set up your ads.