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Today, Google has become more than a brand. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines the term “Google.” This is because people now go to Google when they have a question they need to be answered.

Are you experiencing back pain? Is there a way to relieve it? Google it. Is there an easier way to collaborate on a post-click landing page? Google it.

Each year, Google handles an obscene 2+ trillion searches like these. Every day, Google handles over 5 billion searches like these.

Utilize intent

Their intent makes Google Ads so different from other forms of advertising.

People on social media, for example, aren’t looking for advertisements. It is not their goal to find solutions to their problems every day. Instead, they’re looking for baby photos, vacation pictures, and family updates. You have a better chance of getting tuned out when you advertise to someone who does not want to be advertised.

You aren’t advertising on the search network to people who don’t want to see it. You are targeting people with a specific interest.

Search ads may even be considered an inbound marketing strategy instead of outbound advertising since they are used by someone who has already taken the first step in seeking it out. Make prospects come to you with Ads, then help them find answers, and you’ll be ready to earn their business when they’re ready to spend.

PPC meets business goals

PPC advertising often has this as its most compelling reason. Pay-per-click marketing can help you achieve a wide range of marketing and business objectives, and the goals vary from high-level brand exposure to thought leadership and e-commerce sales. They can be tracked for nearly any conversion goal.

Website traffic drivers can be aligned to end goals using PPC.

PPC allows marketers to develop the middle ground of nurturing and serving the middle of the funnel through advertising content downloads, seeking newsletter subscriptions, sponsoring contests, and pushing for app downloads in the age of content marketing and thought leadership.

You can use PPC to support many parts of the sales funnel and your prospects’ path from awareness to conversion.

Other marketing channels work well with PPC

The digital marketing world has been dominated by content marketing, and content calendars and plans are the norms now.

Google Ads is an engine that can drive visitors to content more quickly and improve the ROI on your content investment and the cost of producing unique and original content to help support the overall buying process while establishing thought-out leadership positioning.

As both PPC and SEO are aimed at the same audience – people using Google to find information, services, or products – the impressions and opportunities for traffic are often the same.

Impressions, clicks, and conversions data from Google Ads can provide valuable insight and direction for prioritizing SEO efforts based on keywords.

In addition, if organic traffic performance data and SEO strategy are available, they can also advise PPC.


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Google Pay Per Click Ads


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Go global, or stay local. You decide where you’d like to show your ads, and we’ll get them in front of the right people.


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