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At BrandLyft, we’re Go High Level, GoHighLevel, or GHL Experts (Their name is different everywhere!). We’ve repurposed GoHighLevel in our automation app, LeadDragon, and we have dozens of single users enjoying the savings of time and resources with such a powerful app. Below is an awesome way to use your smart list and create a custom filter for ANYONE who hasn’t replied to any of your campaigns.


  1. Go to Smart List > Go to All Tab
  2. Click More Filters.
  3. Please type ‘last’ in the text box which shows ‘Add Filter’. You will see ‘Last Activity’ filter as one of the option.

  1. Select the last activity filter. Once it is added. Click ‘More Than’ radio. Type in 90 days.
  2. Click on columns dropdown. Select Last Activity column.
  3. Press the + icon on the top of filters. In the prompt you can give a name you like to create a named list.


This will give you all contacts that have been never contacted or the ones contacted before 90 days. Enjoy!

BrandLyft is a certified GoHighLevel partner that help you build incredible funnels and train your team to be successful with marketing automation tools. We can also help set you up from the get-go with our GHL variation, LeadDragon, which is perfectly optimized for small business owners.

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