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5 Steps to Attracting New Customers with Great Social Media

Social media is such a popular platform that many people are actually addicted to it! If you are the owner of a business and you don’t have social media accounts, or you neglect them, then you are really missing out! Social media can help you build your brand by allowing you to spread brand awareness, create customer loyalty and even sell your products!


If you have working social media accounts, but they aren’t all that active or you would like to attract new followers, and convert them to customers, here are the five steps that you need to take now: 

Step 1: Use a Logo

A great logo will help people remember you. Logos lend themselves well as profile pictures and backgrounds for social media. You won’t have to bother with changing them every other week and when people see your posts they will automatically recognize who they are from. Logos should be kept simple, easy to understand, and hopefully, easy to remember. To create a logo to use on your social media accounts, visit Logo Creator

Step 2: Create Great Visuals

Humans are visual creatures. People are much more likely to be drawn to a post that has images or graphs than a post that is text only. You want to make sure that you have professional looking sharp images that are high quality so they will grab the attention of the reader. Bright colors in images are also important to catching the eye. If you want to make sure you have a professional edge when editing photos and creating social media posts, try visiting Canva. They have templates for all of the social media platforms and lots of editing tools. 

Step 3: Share Your Content

Simply relying on your followers is not likely to spread your content far enough to give you the kind of boost that you are hoping for. A great place to share your original content is in groups and on other people’s pages. If you are careful to choose groups that your ideal demographic would generally like, you are likely to pick up some followers, and by the nature of where you found them, these followers are actually good qualified leads. 

Step 4: Interact with Your Followers

One of the best ways to build consumer loyalty and turn followers into customers is to build solid relationships. Online, the way to build those relationships, and to build trust, is to interact with your followers. This is as easy as it sounds. Try asking open ended questions, post polls and share your followers posts as well. When your customers comment on your posts, reply to them, and when they share your posts, make sure that you say thank you! Someone sharing your post is the online equivalent of a word of mouth referral. 

Step 5: Share Useful Content

Make sure what you post is not dominated by sales and ads. Post about the things that you and your customers share in common and both care about such as current events, social issues and community news. Share posts about how to use your products. Share helpful DIY projects (it doesn’t hurt if you sell the materials to complete them). Make sure that your content is carefully created to draw the customer to you and not to push them away. Keep in mind the general demographic you want to attract and make sure that your content is appropriate. 


If you are having a hard time keeping up with your social media, try an app like HootSuite. It will allow you to create a hub for all of your different social media accounts as well as schedule posts. Also keep in mind that new social media sites are popping up everyday, always be open to experimenting to find the ones that are most compatible with your brand.