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10 Real Estate Podcasts to increase your productivity


Real estate is a tough job to manage. You always have to report stuff, sign documents, and be somewhere to show your homes to customers. Regardless it is your job to be on top of the industry and to be caught up with the housing markets. With so much time within the day doing your work how will you ever slow down to learn?

Well, you don’t have to slow down because there are podcasts! In fact, you can even play them at 1.25x or 1.5x the speed to save more time. The benefit of listening to podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere and still learn everything about the industry.

We gathered the Top 10 best podcasts that will take your job as a realtor to the next level.

1. Real Estate Coaching Radio

Hosted by Julie and Tim, these two real estate experts will give you important market insights to stay on top of your real estate business.

Best Episodes:

The No-BS Stages To Building Massive Wealth

What Do You Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed?

10 Secrets Millionaire Agents Know (And You Probably Don’t)

2. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Hosted by Gary Vaynerchuck. Gary talks about the real struggles of entrepreneurship, business, and marketing.

Best Episodes:

Are you willing to speak your truth?

How to get what you want in life.

The real reason you’re not taking action.

3. The Extra Mile

Hosted by Shawn Greenway. Each week Shawn covers tips, tools, and information to help grow different areas of your business and your life.

Best Episodes:

Lead Nurturing | EPS12

Nobody is Following Up in the Sales Cycle | Shawn Greenway | EP15

Leverage Your Sales Tools | Shawn Greenway | EP17

4. Bigger Pockets

Hosted by Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner. Interviews with investors of various backgrounds. Gain the knowledge you can apply to grow as a real estate agent.

Best Episodes:

Introducing BiggerPockets’ Brand New Show: Real Estate Rookie Podcast

Leveraging Virtual Assistants and Automation to Build a $2M Portfolio with Stephanie Cabral

Closing 75 Deals Your First Year by Simply Modeling Others with Steven Pesavento

5. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Hosted by Tom Ferry,  an op-ranked real estate and business coach. Tom Ferry’s life’s work is all about helping people fulfill their vast untapped potential.

Best Episodes:

5 Actions Smart Agents Are Doing Now!

10 MORE Tactics to Optimize Every Social Media Post 

EP. 59 Why Branding Matters with Marc Davison

6. The Tamra Wade Show

Hosted By Tamra Wade. This podcast is designed to help YOU reach the next level of your real estate career, home-builder marketing/sales, and overall journey to success.

Best Episodes:

Best Practices for Realtors during Social Distancing | EP20

Ama Smith | Instagram Stories | EP17

Tamra Wade and Sherry McSweeney | Agents are Business Owners |EP14

7. Kevin Ward’s YES Talk

Hosted by Kevin Ward, a top coach committed to personal growth and excellence.

Best Episodes:

7 Strategies to Get 5 Deals From Every Listing

3 Stupid Mistakes New Realtors Make

Real Estate Scripts Aren’t Enough

8.  Modern American Realtor – The Wright Brothers

Hosted by siblings, Corey and Casey Wright. Learn marketing, technology and business strategies to survive in the current real estate landscape from second-generation real estate brokers and online marketing experts.

Best Episodes:




9. The Team Building Podcast

Hosted by Jeff Cohn to give you actionable information, concepts, and metrics you need to create a blueprint for your own dominant real estate team.

Best Episodes:

How to Implement Effective Systems in Your Business w/Misty Soldwisch

The 6 Things Holding You Back from Building and Scaling a Dominant Business w/Dan Beer

How to Dominate Your Market Using Social Media w/Brie Stephens

10. Zero to Diamond Podcast

Hosted by Ricky Caruth. Ricky Carruth was the #1 Re/Max agent in Alabama 2014 & 2017. Although he still sells over 100 properties every year as a single agent, he is now also coaching real estate agents around the world for free.

Best Episodes:

The Most Selfish Act In Real Estate

Making Money Helping People For Free

Property Owners Only Have Three Options

Worry Less, Produce More


Tune into the best podcast and apply what you learn, only then will you have what it takes to be a real master in real estate.